Top Five Presidential Babes

Commander-in-Babes. Leader of the Babe World. Mr. Babe-dent. Ok, so maybe these aren’t terms we generally use when we’re talking about the most powerful man in the world, but you’d be surprised about how many hotties have taken up residence at 1600 Penn.

5. Franklin Pierce


Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “Who??” Exactly. Fillmore is notorious for doing pretty much nothing while in office. He signed the Kansas-Nebraska act (yeah, new states!) but was criticized for being a doughface (A Northerner with Southern sympathies) and his desire to make the new land slave states. Long story short, hey Civil War!

But what Pierce lacked in strong leadership he made up for with style. He had the dark, wavy locks that the hipsters of today would kill for. He stood at 5’10”, taller than average for men of his day. His grey, brooding eyes gave off the impression he was thinking “I’m cool. I know I’m cool. I spent 45 minutes on my hair this morning and I don’t even know what Bumble and Bumble is.” Actually, the more I think about it, I think he’s what every 20something dude in Brooklyn aspires to be.

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt


He helped pull us out of the Great Depression, he created tons of new jobs by founding public work projects, he looked like Ryan Gosling.

In his youth, he was a babe and the ladies flocked to him. Even when he and Eleanor moved to Washington, FDR had at least five mistresses. In fact, the day he died, FDR wasn’t with Eleanor, but his mistress Daisy Suckley. Right up until his twilight hours, good old FDR was kicking it with the ladies.

3. George W. Bush


You can pick your jaw up off the floor. Put your own political opinions aside and take a deep look into those baby blues. Can’t look away, can you?

Sure, he might have left the White House in disgrace, but you have to admit he’s got an excellent sense of humor. When he was recently asked about the public surprise regarding his painting hobby, Dubya responded with, “Of course, some people are surprised I can even read.”

His most recent public appearance was the unveiling of his Presidential Library in Dallas, Texas. And even today, at 66 years old, Baby Bush is still one cute cookie.

2. Thomas Jefferson


He was tall. He was athletic. He was fashionable. He loved wine. He was a genius. Seriously, what isn’t there to love about Mr. I-Wrote-The-Declaration-Of-Independence?

Teej was so devoted to his wife, who died when he was only 39, he refused to remarry (though he did have some infamous flings on the side). He was humble, leaving out his presidency on his epitaph and considering writing the Declaration of Independence and founding the University of Virginia his two finest achievements. (Ehh, forgot that the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the free world, Tom?)

Mr. Jefferson had a fantastic way with words and no doubt this gorgeous ginge knew how to draft his way to your heart.

1. John F. Kennedy


Just look at him.


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